How to earn in ASCIRA?

ASCIRA is a social community company offering many priceless opportunities – it’s not only a way to earn but also to continually expand people-to-people contacts, travel the world, and learn from the best business specialists or self-development mentors.


Unique features of network marketing

If you want to understand the idea of an​ MLM company, the best you can do is comparing ASCIRA to traditional businesses. As you know, marketing is one of the most important factors influencing the profit of companies. Large corporations spend vast amounts of money on advertising spots or online campaigns. Production of the sold goods is approximately 10% of the company’s revenue. As a matter of fact, a customer pays primarily for advertising.

The idea of ​​Multi-Level Marketing was created as competition for traditional marketing. The main goal of network marketing companies is to reach as many customers as possible without bearing huge costs of promotion. Multi-Level Marketing is a network of distributors, in other words – business partners. We connect people who want to become part of the network and sell their products to other people for a commission.


ASCIRA’s earning rules

In ASCIRA, you can earn more than just money from selling our products. You also receive a commission on products sold by your partners included in the program. What does it mean? The crucial task in MLM business is to create a network of partners who will sell high-quality products just like you. If your actions lead three people to sign up for the program, you will receive a commission for their sale. If each of them encourages another three people – you will receive a commission of up to 12 people.


Advantages of working with ASCIRA

The great advantages of working with ASCIRA is the fact that:

  • you do not need to have experience and qualifications – the company will provide all the information or training you need. Besides, you have the opportunity to participate in seminars and webinars that will help you grow and evolve the brand name recall
  • there is almost no risk of loss – commission-based income means that you can earn without losing nothing
  • you have full control over work – you decide when, where and how much you work. It depends on you how much time you devote to action
  • it can be both additional earnings or a full-time job – you can treat work with ASCIRA as an extra job, which will improve your budget. As part of network development, it can also become the main source of your income.
  • you can increase skills and competencies – at ASCIRA, you will learn soft skills and ways of using them in both personal and professional life, we also pass knowledge about many effective sales techniques

If you want to earn a lot of money, your main task is to build a network of contacts and distribution – this is the secret to receiving high income. You can also help other people earn and give them a real chance to change their lives. It is your lifetime chance to succeed and improve your quality of life. Make your dreams come true with ASCIRA – we are waiting for you!